Nanny service

If you also want to spend some quality time just the two of you during your holiday, you may want to consider hiring a nanny via Family Travel Collection.

Whilst most of the resorts will be able to provide nannies on request you may prefer to meet and choose the right nanny beforehand in the UK and fly her with the family to the destination. This is one of the exclusive services offered by our company. You may choose to employ a nanny full or part time during the holiday. Our nannies are always qualified and with references, English speaking and with wide experience with children.

In-flight nannies
Family Travel Collection can also recruit nannies to accompany your children and ensure that they are entertained during the flight. We provide in-flight nannies with all of the necessities - including nappies, bottles, toys, games, treats etc. that will be needed to take care of the children and keep them amused during your flight.

Whatever your particular childcare needs may be, Family Travel Collection can help. Having established your exact requirements and specific preferences, we provide a list of suitable candidates for your review. We check qualifications and references thoroughly before arranging an ‘introduction’ with you. Obviously, you have the final say about who you employ.

If you are interested in the nanny service or the in-flight nannies, please indicate so on the online enquiry.


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